William Babcock's three parcels: 1814


Parcel One

his was the largest of the three parcels acquired by Babcock from Sheppard in 1814, with 187 feet of Main Street frontage. All three parcels were 100 feet deep. Of the three building lots made from this parcel, only one retains an old structure, probably from this very earliest period of the village's expansion from the site of a crossroads tavern to the county seat. The three lots are #s 333, 331 and 329. The house that once stood at 329 Main Street is gone, having burned down about 20 years ago. Part at least of No. 333 is very old indeed, and No. 331 dates to the 1890s.

Parcel Two

his was the smallest of the three parcels, with 60 feet of frontage, between Keziah Sabin's lot on the north and a 30-foot right of way retained by Sheppard on the south. The position of the latter seems to have been adjusted about 1824, allowing some more space for the two building lots eventually created from this parcel, Nos. 341 and 337.

Parcel Three

abcock acquired this piece at the same time as the other two. It included the lots on which #s 345-355 were built. The Main Street frontage was 177 feet, between Joel Dorman on the north (the corner lot) and Keziah Sabin on the south (50 feet wide, now #343). Babcock sold this parcel in three pieces: lots #355 and 351 to Henry Bradley in 1842; #349 probably to William L. Way; and #345 probably to Joseph Ketchum.

Above: The three parcels William Babcock bought from Morris F. Sheppard in 1814 are overlaid on this map, numbered in order of their description on the deed. The gap between Nos. 1 and 2 was a right of way for the lane down to the fulling mill; the gap between Nos. 2 and 3 was Keziah Sabin's lot, already sold to her in 1812. The lot north of No. 3, at the corner, was the site of commercial uses until 1974.


Morris F. Sheppard sold three parcels to William Babcock in 1814, all the unsold Main Street frontage in his 20-acre plot east of Main Street. Babcock sold the parcels to individual buyers.

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