323 Main Street: The Darrow house


o house at all stood on this lot until 1921, when Jared Darrow built this one in the comfortable and popular style called Craftsman or Bungalow. Its footprint hasn't changed much since, though the front (west) side has been altered. The enclosed door, bay window, pent roof above it and the front steps are all younger than the house.

Darrow sold the property to William N. Wise in 1927, and Wise deeded it over to Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, who kept title until 1954.

Originally, the lot was part of the land William Cornwell sold to John VanPelt Jr., and which the latter was forced to sell to cover his debts. It was Lot 8 in the subdivision of VanPelt's property, and was sold in 1834 to Samuel S. Ellsworth, along with the next lot to the south, and the two behind them facing Jackson Street. Ellsworth also owned the lot to the south, Lot 9 in the VanPelt subdivision, and it was built on quite soon, or at least a foundation dug and a building moved onto it. This lot eventually became part of the lot on which #325 stood, and it was only separated again when Darrow bought it. In 1927 he sold his little house to James Leo Hoban and Doris his wife.


Above right: The bungalow built by Jared Darrow in 1921. The west side has been considerably altered since, but otherwise it is nearly unchanged from its original appearance of more than 80 years ago.

People related to this lot and structure:

     Abraham Wagener
     Meredith Mallory
     William Cornwell
     John VanPelt Jr.

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