317 Main Street: The Arthur Jessup house


wo houses were built on the lot where formerly the Episcopal Church stood: this one, and #319 next door to the north. William N. Wise bought the whole church lot from the trustees in 1879, built his own house at #319, and sold this part of the lot to Arthur Jessup in 1880.

Both houses have been radically altered, the elaborate Victorian decoration stripped during the 20th century. This house retains its leaded glass windows and paneled chimney, but has lost the porch from the northwest corner. The steps and porticos were added at about the same time. The original staircase and parquet floors still grace the interior.


Above right: 317 Main Street, built about 1880 by Arthur Jessup. This house and #319 were built after the Episcopal Church that had been here was razed in 1879. Like #319 this one has lost much of its Victorian decoration, but still retains a few original exterior features: leaded windows and the paneled chimney; plus some beautiful interior woodwork.

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