308 Main Street: The Margaret Dewan house


nother lot carved off the Welles property just before 1900 is this one, sold by Laura Struble to Edward Donahue in 1899. The south boundary of this lot was in fact drawn with reference to the north foundation wall of the Henry Welles house (then owned by Laura, Clinton Struble's widow); the line was drawn 12 feet north of the line of this wall, extended to the street. The lot was sold only a month later to Margaret Dewan, whose family lived in this house until 1937, when it was sold to Lawrence F. Prouty by Mary Dewan's estate.

It's actually very similar to the house on the other side of the Welles house, 304 Main Street, which was built at just about the same time. This one leans (in shape) more towards what would have been the slightly more old-fashioned Queen Anne style; the almost complete lack of ornamentation, however shows its turn-of-the-century origin.



Above right: The Margaret Dewan house, an interesting counterpoint to #304. Both were built at the same time, but #304 shows Four-Square style with Queen Anne elements; this house shows Queen Anne style with Four-Square elements. It has the former's asymmetrical massing, tower and dominant roof line; and the latter's unornamented surface.

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