210 Main Street: The E.G. Hopkins house


210 Main St


leveland says the old house on this property was built about 1829 by A.H. Bennett as his "business locality", which would have been his print shop; it was two long low buildings that E.G. Hopkins acquired in 1844 when he added this lot to the one he already owned adjacent on the north.

Elisha G. Hopkins owned the site of #214 next door and resided there since 1828. He converted the Bennett shop into a dwelling and kept his cabinet-making shop on the old lot. His sons later expanded the business into a variety of wood-working pursuits. They had a steam planing mill on the site, a saw mill and grape-box factory, a fancy turning and sawing establishment and a coffin shop.

In 1899 the old house was removed from this lot and a modern residence built for Edward G. Hopkins, one of Elisha's sons. The new house is one of several built about this time on Main Street, with Queen Anne massing and other Victorian features like towers (this one is square with a tetrahedral top) and porches; but strongly influenced by the new Classic Revival styles of the early 20th century: evidenced here by the Doric columns on the porch and the lack of applied and surface ornamentation.




Above right: 210 Main Street, built in 1899 by Edward G. Hopkins on the site of his father's house. This house is late Queen Anne with some Classic Revival details, like a number of houses on Main Street. The siding was added much later.

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