167 Main Street: The George Cramer House

167 Main St.
leveland says this house was built by John Bruen in 1848, which was the year Bruen bought the property.

Miles Benham sold the lot in 1840 to Leander Reddy, a druggist who in partnership with Roscius Morse apparently built a "Pill Factory" on this lot and the one to the north.

Bruen evidently actually lived here for a short time, only a couple of years, then sold it to Darius W. Adams. All three of these men (Reddy, Bruen and Adams) were members of the new-generation commercial class in the village, with establishments downstreet, away from the old four corners at the head of Main Street.

Bruen, with Henry and Ralph T. Wood owned an establishment a short distance upstreet known as Wood & Bruen until it went up in flames in 1867. Adams was one of merchant Henry Bradley's partners (and a relative).

In any case, Adams lived here 20 years until just after the fire. He sold his house and lot to George Cramer, newly arrived from Morristown, N.J., and the occupant of the old Stewart & Tunnicliff store on the southeast corner of Main and Jacob Streets, in a building which still stands. It was Cramer who added the Italianate front which characterizes this house today.

Cramer had already started in business back in Morristown, New Jersey, and moved here with his family to continue. The family owned the house until at least 1935.





Upper right: This picture quite clearly shows the double nature of this house. The back part was built about 1848 as a gable-front Greek Revival residence, a simple rectangular mass with a rather heavy pediment. Probably, there were also engaged square columns at the corners, but these have been replaced by a plain molding. The front block was added soon after 1867 by George Cramer, who evidently wanted his house to be more up-to-date. The addition is solidly Italianate, with distinctive but rather restrained eaves brackets, porch moldings and columns. Notice especially how the deep top moldings forms arches to polish the look; these have little eaves brackets of their own.

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